Hi, I'm Ed. I'm a Mexican designer and troublemaker. My expertise area is in graphic design and lettering. Actually I'm working developing way-finding systems and doing branding in a design studio and I also freelance. I really enjoy doing graphic experiments and trying mixing up techniques and tools. I'm planning to move to NYC or Vancouver one day. I have a boxer dog, and a girlfriend that I love really much (we'll be all moving together). My favourite music is rock and I like films. Peace.

Letters. I can say that I know a lot about design in general, but I'm a geek of type.

Time administration, project management and team direction.

"Never stop doing what you love, even if it doesn't feel right at times it will eventually pay off."

Massimo Vignelli. He was one of the greatest designers that ever lived and has inspired me in ways unimaginable. From branding to film, his work was able to transcend and actually influenced his context and interacted with people everyday to date. He and his wife managed to live off pretty well doing exactly what they loved and left a legacy behind, a legacy that will last forever. "If you do it right, it will last forever." –Massimo Vignelli


I don't really have a backup career...Design or die.

Quirky data about things that I find interesting. Like the reason why there's a DVS sticker on Joey and Chandler's fridge. How Quentin Tarantino's film multiverse is connected. Or how Gotham was a typeface commissioned to Hoefler & Frere-Jones by GQ. That kind of stuff.

I would try to teach them what is calligraphy and the basic principles of how a brush pen works, so they can start making their own letters.