Amanda is a mixed media artist; blogger and social media communicator; scientist and writer; a digital space explorer, engaging readers by translating complex theories and subjects creatively into everyday language. She specializes in writing/communications | content creation (web, print) | social media | arts & creativity | (clinical) science | document design. Amanda has a Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, a PhD in Small Animal Critical Care Nutrition and Protein Chemistry, and a Certificate in Digital Communication. Right now, she's working on finishing another writing diploma, knitting socks, and upping her art game with a portrait course.

science, especially how amazing it is...and also how much I don't know about science...being a scientist doesn't mean i know everything about science

finding writing assignments and yarn and paints

never regret!

i'm a mum, period.

veterinary medicine, i guess. i also do some metalsmithing and teach jewelry making to teens.


i'd teach how to sew on a button and make a buttonhole - sewing skills that will last a lifetime and add value IMO

my gif for the MA Philosophy program at SFU (so proud)

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