I'm a creative director & designer focused on brand and narrative. I enjoy writing fiction, running, reading, and spending time with my wife and kids. Love meeting creative folks and building lasting relationships with good people.

a lot of relatively useless information. I'd make a great Jeopardy contestant.

meeting new people. engaging in small talk. classic introvert. not good in crowds.

don't let someone else write your story for you.

my wife, because she understands and loves me, even when I'm difficult to live with or even be around.

the ability to sit without speaking for indefinite periods of time

bartender, I make a mean Manhattan

George Carlin's Hair Piece from FM & AM http://youtu.be/cPkA60vkgWE , the first two stanzas of E. Poe's The Raven, and "The Bear Snores On," a book I read to my children.

stonglifts 5x5