Drew is an artist based in Denver, CO. He is currently a junior at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, seeking a degree in art education with an emphasis in sculpture.

His work focuses on relationships, identity, materiality, sex, home, and nature, taking on many different mediums.

He intends to pursue his art through freelance work and residencies upon graduation and teach college after obtaining a Master's Degree in Fine Art.

More of his work can be found on his instagram (@drew_austin4567) or on his blog (www.drewaustin4567.wordpress.com).

educating students, motivating my peers, and creating art out of free stuff I find in my apartment dumpster.

networking, getting myself out there, branching outside of my campus.

don't let your work become precious. Also to just make as much work as possible.

Olafur Eliasson. I think he is an absolute genius at his craft and is creating work that is unlike any other artist out there right now. He also creates the most artwork I have ever seen from a professional artist and still keeps each piece at such a high standard.

being way too honest with people. But I wish I had telekinesis.

being an artist and being a teacher go hand in hand for me. I want to be both and don't want to fall back on either.

wifi passwords and strings of numbers.

Organizing a portfolio of work to show. I can cut work and not feel anything.

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