With a passion for drawing and sharing ideas, It felt natural to me after being awarded a scholarship to study intensive classes in life drawing, printmaking and animation at the Royal Drawing School in London. To use my talents to share what I love with those less fortunate to attend such classes.

I moved to Glasgow in 2016 intending to deliver affordable and varied classes, collaborating with local artists, designers and creatives and providing accessible and experimental sessions that anyone could enjoy.

In 2017 I began hosting an innovative and weekly drop-in life drawing class at For Fika Sake in Partick. The classes quickly gained momentum and expanded to additional sessions across Glasgow, spaces including the Project Cafe, Cass arts, GSA, BAaD and New Glasgow Society as well as many other venues.

I'm now in a Studio in Patrick where he runs weekly drop-in classes and supports local artists by hosting exhibitions and workshops.

Recently, I moved the sessions online and have been working towards a safe and friendly environment, which benefits the drawing and model community at the same time as raising money for local charities.

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