I am a creativity catalyst, educator, researcher, influencer, humanistic psychologist and Person-Centered Expressive Arts facilitator. My passion is awakening creative potential and adult creative confidence with joy. My doctoral research introduces a new person-centered, imagination informed, descriptive, dynamic, embodied and actionable definition of the lived experience of human creativity. I'm CEO of a think tank focused on actualizing human creative potential. Let's start a conversation about creativity!

human creativity, awakening creative potential, building creative confidence, inspiring creative action, moving ideas from imagination to actualization, and how creative action leads to joy attraction

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Don't ask for permission.

Disrupters like Greta and Malala who use their voices to inspire positive change.

My creativity.

Chief Inspiration Office of any company in the world.

Why it's important to re-imagine the way human creativity is understood and valued moving forward.

How to ace a remote associate test!

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