I'm in an office job slowly turning dreams into reality with FIKA - my creative spot label currently doing 12 month project 100% proceeds to help charities. Check me out at FB/Insta @thisisfika or thisisfika.tumblr.com

budget fashion, body language, God (from own experiences), creating somethings out of nothing, eating, working out

fashion mentoring, sewing skills, life skills

Stop worrying about the future it hasnt happened yet, enjoy the now because its happening and the past is past you cant change it. Deal and move on because tomorrow is a new day!!

God - the most loving being I know. A person? I admire all women - because we all harness (whether they know how to use and what they use it for is a different story) an ability to make a lasting change in people they come in to contact with. (NB: being pro women doesnt mean im anti men lol)

to make an uninteresting subject interesting


when to eat

how to start the day - begin a routine that will make you fresh for what the day brings - its not just a beginning of the week thing lol

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