Dorothy Cruz is a Toronto-based designer who specializes in UI and UX with +3 years of experience under her belt. She worked with brands like AT&T, Campbells, and FedEx while working at BBDO Worldwide, with educational games while at Amplify, and it’s currently working for DojoMojo, a marketing B2B SaaS.

Being an immigrant in the US and how to survive NYC as a student.

Creating a mindful practice (and making it stick)

Not everyone is looking for advice, some just need your sympathy. Listen.

Pablo Stanley ( - It makes me proud when Latinxs make their way up in the design world, but it makes me even happier to see those designers use that as an opportunity to inspire, to connect with others, and to share their knowledge. That’s who Pablo is for me.

I can make a killer banana bread.

I would be a real estate agent. After living and moving constantly in New York, I found the beauty in looking for apartments and imagining your life or other’s life in a space.

All the personal cellphone numbers that I’ve had in the past.

Some Dominican slang.