Hi there! I'm an MBTI® Master Practitioner, as well as a freelance letterer and calligrapher, who loves working with good people. I also teach what I know. Based in Brooklyn.

Copperplate, Lettering, MBTI®, changing careers, living in different countries, vegan cooking

Promotion & sales

"Don't be so humble, you're not that great." (Golda Meir)

I'm most inspired by humans who embrace their mess, encourage others, and live life with a sense of humor, like my friends Claudia, Kelley, and Lori. I admire people who have amazing skills and share them, like Jessica Hische, Billy Connolly, and The Roots.

I give pretty good hugs and neckrubs.

MBTI® and Cross-Cultural Trainer. I love people and have worked in leadership development, team building, and self-awareness-raising for over a decade.

Lyrics to 99 Luftballons. Well, most of them...

How to make a proper cup of Ostfriesen tea - 1. BOIL water, don't just heat it up and for the love of all that is holy don't use a microwave. 2. Add 1 tsp of loose tea leaves (preferably Bünting or Thiele) per cup you intend to make, plus one for the pot, into your teapot. 3. Cover the leaves with half an inch of boiling water and let it steep for 3-4 minutes, depending on how strong you like it. 4. Add the remaining water to fill up the pot. 5. Drop a piece of hard rock sugar (kluntje) into everyone's cup. 5a. The host pours a little bit into their own cup first to test the color is a dark rich brown, otherwise the tea needs a bit longer. 6. Pour the tea and enjoy the sugar crackling. 7. Add 3-5 drops of cream from the rim - it will drop to the bottom and then float to the surface to create a cloud. 8. Do. Not. Stir. 9. Drink as hot as you can handle and enjoy! :-) PS - for the whole experience, Ostfriesentee is ideally served on special china. You will be given a spoon, and here's the deal with the spoon: It is good manners to drink at least three cups, (the time needed to have a proper gossip about the neighbors and eat your bodyweight in cookies), and after those three cups you may place your spoon into your cup to signal the host you won't need a refill. If you leave your spoon by the side of your cup, you'll be getting refills.