Living a double life as a freelance editorial, portrait and fashion photographer and also as a front-end web developer/designer. Likes old films, small stage live music and exploring the city I might be in.

Photography in general and aspects of lighting, specifically for people as well as image editing. Web design and development, specifically writing clean HTML & CSS, building and optimizing light weight code and graphics and current techniques like responsive design for web sites and email design.

Modern JavaScript techniques and advanced photo retouching and compositing.

Don't be afraid to fail.

There are so many people I admire in trying to keep this short I'll pick three. 1). The musician Tom Waits, a modern renaissance man, who not only writes and plays music that interests him but also collaborates in various forms of art. 2). The National Geographic photographer who dedicates himself to weeks to months of going to the far reaches of the globe to tell a story and the creative, on-the-fly thinking it takes to handle a broad range of adversity in a completely foreign land. 3). The professional neighborhood bartender who in their day-to-day activities is able to converse with a broad range of customers and wears multiple hats as a therapist, counselor and social worker.

See below. The ability to remember the trivial events of life.

At the moment an ice cream vendor on an island paradise or a crew member on the Oscar Meir Wienermobile.

I somehow seem to be able to remember trivial moments that have no real significance or bearing on my life. I would have made a good film noir, hard boiled detective catching criminals in their lies.

To put down the phone and enjoy the moment.

Just about any gif that involves a cat.

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