I am copywriter who loves to create values behind creative works (Oh that's my job right? love it!) and i got interested in marketing especially the digital. Now, i am working for a digital advertising agency around south Jakarta, Crafting the Creative Concept, Discovering The Way Communication On Digital, Creating Campaign Journey, Organizing Creative Material Plane, Giving a suggestion about the visual and FINALLY make The COPY as Copywriter. Yeay! Anyway I love singing and i can sing :D Nice to meet you!

Universe, How to sing a song so-so-ly, Transjakarta Route, and People's Character Based On Their Astrology. :P

My burden that turns into fat :D

People will Leave you anyway by the time.

Mom, She is a survivor and loves her family.

I can read people desires.................... kidding (Is that funny?) :O

I don't know yet, becoming monk ?

That Universe Somehow Gives it Best Joke!

Life & English

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