Daniel Nathan is a traveling story-teller and visual artist who draws inspiration from what he considers to be the single most redeeming human quality, love.

Love of people, the thrill of discovery and natural beauty was what first inspired Daniel during a visit to Cape Town, South Africa to care deeply for and explore the art of producing compelling imagery. Love of family and the un-guaranteed gift of time with those we care for compelled him to turn that fondness and curiosity into a career & the invocation of love while traveling enables him to transcend language and other cultural barriers during his time abroad.

Working within the photography medium, Daniel has a deep appreciation for perspective and the power an artists wields in his or her portrayal of our world. He respects the influence design and aesthetic has on us all and encourages his audience to be discerning with him and any other source of artistic influence informing their perception of the world.

While some opt for discretion on the topic, Daniel strongly believes that his audience and potential clients have a right to know the principles underlying his creative expression. The motivating theme that underpins his work and dictates the visual stories he chooses to relay to others is the same monosyllabic phrase he considers our greatest tool for combating the challenges poised to impede our future progress as a species - love

Photography, travel, filmaking

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Michael Platt (DC, local artist/legend) - an unassuming, jovial & big-hearted genius



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