Half Russian half Ukrainian, grew up in Moldova catching some of Soviet era and more of post Soviet dilemma. Started studying International Law in Moscow but after 2 years of learning about politology, sociology, Latin language and the likes somehow moved to Cyprus where any gained knowledge of Latin was quickly exchanged on intense learning of English. Three years later started a new chapter in the north of England where, 11 years later, accumulated a GCSE in English language and literature, a BA (Hons) in Business Management, a driving licence and a 11 year long career in Higher Education (Teesside University) from administrative assistant volunteer to Quality Assurance Manager. Mixing it up with fundraising activities and volunteering at local community projects as well as Olympic Games London 2012 then Sochi 2014, after which moved to London and continued with Quality Management in London College of Fashion, Universty if the Arts London for the past 2+ years. The wonder of life decided to spice things up once again and brought me to Sydney 2 weeks ago with eagerness to try something new and different, be more creative and more hands on. Here I am, at the crossroads looking for ideas, inspiration, new chapter.

Quality assurance, management, creative solutions, volunteering.


Challenge yourself in new areas and directions to grow and reach your best potential.

My grandad, for his honesty, intelligence, immense knowledge of literature and geography, fair leadership, sense of humour and living life to the full.

Finding answers and solutions.

Translation and interpretation.

Alphabets, Poetry, phone numbers, birthdays.

Cartwheeling, drawing an object in one line, thinking or looking at something differently.

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