Hello/Bonjour! I'm a senior innovation and marketing strategist. I've worked in prominent advertising agencies, a startup, and a Fortune Global 100 company, both in Canada and overseas. I'm passionate about sustainable development, green/eco-friendly/clean technologies, products, or services; and innovative business solutions that spark creativity, improve the quality of people’s lives, and enhance customer experience. I love getting to know new people, learning about new cultures and ideas. My free time is dedicated to activities with nonprofit groups as a volunteer or board member. Looking forward to meeting you! I also speak français, po polsku & ein bisschen Deutsch (c:

Innovation . Strategic Planning . Competitive Intelligence . Market Research . Marketing . Marketing-Communications . Communications . New-Product Launch . Branding . International Business . Sales . B2C . B2B . Nonprofit Governance

Life Coach and Pastry Chef ("Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.")

My friends' and family's birthdays. Never miss them.

How to find volunteering activities and nonprofit board positions in Montreal.

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