Creative Entrepreneur •• Founder + Principal at DMM Studio •• Architect + Landscape Designer + LEED GA Certified •• Designer of Ephemeral Art Installations •• Certified Neuro-Transformational & Behavioral Master Coach •• Digital Business Strategist & Consultant •• Simplicity pays off •• Volunteer @ Animal Care Center NYC •• Open to collaboration •• Off-the-beaten-path traveler. What's the farthest place you've ever traveled to from home?

Contemporary Design, Home renovations. Improving spaces functionality (large or small areas - especially NYC small apartments). Sustainable Design Approaches such as water & energy conservation. Landscaping, Planting, Outdoor Design. Rooftop Design. Women-solo traveling. Entrepreneurialism in the Digital Era (Online Marketing, Branding, Website Design Best Practices, Productivity). Mindset Behavioral Transformation. Coaching and helping business owners take action with ease & joy.

I need help with the understanding of the different levels of collaboration. I want to do more collaboration.

Never assume you know the ending when you're giving the best you can.

Dalai Lama. His equanimity. His kindness and wisdom of humankind. His compassion and inner strength. His smile and love. An eternal warrior who pursues a better world where acceptance and tolerance rule.

My superpower is the ability to find solutions that address issues on a micro level without forgetting how these will harmoniously fit with the big picture.

I don't have a backup career because I interpret this term as something to have in case what you're doing doesn't work. I intentionally chose each area of expertise based on what I love to do and what I'm great at. I'm conscious of the potential for growth in each field, and this motivates me to be the best I can every day. I'm an architect, a landscape designer, a business strategist & consultant, a master coach and they all are in the front field complementing each other.

I effortlessly remember design principles, experiences abroad, and best business practices. Also, how choosing kindness over hate is important to make the world a better place for every living thing. I know, I know... I can't resist adding this last thought - it's part of who I am.

How to easily transform any room into an INSPIRING & FUNCTIONAL space that can support their specific needs and lifestyle.