I am a freelancer concept artist, illustrator and full-time job multimedia designer. I'm attempting to improve my technique and develop more skills as an artist. I'm focused on: UX/UI, animation, illustration, character design and 2D.

Tools that I use to work with: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Animate, pens & ink, markers and watercolors.

On my free time I love to photograph everything that inspires me.

Drawing, composition, color, comics, concept art

Motion graphics/Animation

To be me and not let anyone tell me how should I draw, because we as persons are unique.

Stan Lee :) First of all, because of comics and secondly I love how he started everything with Marvel and his willing for not giving back.

My creativity and my brushes/ink.

I think is photography.

How to draw.

Composition and art history.

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