Designer who has been making things for the web since IE6. Right now I'm a Design Lead for IBM Watson. After hours, I'm an editor for a major industry blog. Like a lot of you, I am self-taught and got into this industry kind of randomly, as a side-hustle. Mexicana from California, y se habla español.

How and why people think, behave, and feel the way they do. I can help with putting together an effective portfolio, slaying an interview, negotiating a good salary–or putting together a good team of people. Think you can't get into the industry because of this or that? Not true.

Meeting other women in Austin who have small children and chose to continue working. Meeting other people in the black & brown community.

I can tell if a designer purse, watch, etc. is fake or real.

How to fix that thing on your computer that's been bothering you forever, but you've been too lazy to go to the Apple Store.

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