Greetings, for some reason you have found my name interesting enough to click and see what I am all about.

Put simply I am a 22yr old creative trying to make his way in this world. I like to learn, laugh and other things starting with L.

If you want to know more check me out at

In my small amount of time on this earth I have delved into the Geek culture, from video games to dungeons & dragons. In this time I have gained knowledge in areas from foam fabrication to after effects and all inbetween. Needless to say I have a hunger for learning things.

Everything, the day I don't need help with anything is the day I am in the ground.

How you present is how you will be recieved. I learned it from my old karate Sensei, think Mr. Miyagi but Aussie as all hell and a lot less cryptic.

Avoiding the cliche "parents and family" I would have to say someone like Philip DeFranco. What started as a guy with a hobby he not only managed to make a career out of it but has also helped employ, develop and create various other careers through what he did.

Self awareness. If that is too boring though I also can beatbox.

Doesn't exist, I will always work towards my goals in whichever career that is.

The konami code, how to throw playing cards, various characters from my D&D games... you know all the important stuff.

To stop looking at others to formulate what you think of yourself.

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