As a management and strategic communications consultant, I help people think differently about their work and share their stories with others. I'm an MIT graduate with certifications in design thinking, innovation, collaboration, and storytelling.

Designing solutions to communicate an organizational process, concept, or strategy. I write. I draw. I research and analyze. I sprinkle in a bit of HTML or Photoshop or PowerPoint. I consult internally or market externally. I apply learnings from writing class, art school, consulting, Harvard Business Review, and other random sources. I create presentations, fact sheets, proposals, handbooks, templates, workshops, graphics, business cards, websites, logos, extremely fancy Excel workbooks... all with the aim of solving problems, sharing ideas, and inspiring others.

Focus on your strengths

Dr. Mae Jemison. She sees no limits and takes no guff.

Taking a project from A to Z, learning and adapting as I go. I'm the queen of special projects with a mantra of "Figure it out."

Interior decoration and design media. Many folks know me from my interior design platform, Sukio.