A jane of many trades but above all - a storyteller. After 6 years in the restaurant industry, we sold our wine bar and now I am a full time graphic designer and photographer during the week. Over the weekend, my husband and I travel locally and abroad capturing wedding films.


Connecting and marketing Honey + Wylde: graphic design, social media curation, photography.

Fake it till you make it.

Cheese alert: My husband - a dreamer and a go-getter... very rare have I come across a person who can dream the most wonderful ideas and turn them into a success... Orpen Film Co. and Ace+Pearl were both his dreams - I just tagged along for the ride.

Kindness... Kill them with kindness.

Broadway dancer

Betty eats cakes and uncle sells eggs: because

I would encourage tolerance, compassion and the art of listening... We may always have an opinion but sometimes a person would just like to be heard :)

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