I'm a creative at heart and have worn many hats over the course of my career. I hesitate to say that I specialize in any one medium or discipline. In fact, my practice is based on developing in an interdisciplinary manner. As a result, I have exhibited my work and given lectures internationally and have been awarded numerous awards and grants. I hail from the Great White North and return there whenever possible.

solving problems and telling visual stories.

Concept development

Never be afraid to take risks and fail.

The artist Olafur Eliason for his ability to constantly reinvent his work in a way that is always thoughtful and intelligent.

Fear. I always say "If you're not scared, you're not trying hard enough."

This is my backup, so to speak. I used to be an Art & Design Professor before I got tired of chasing jobs in cities I didn't want to live in. When I chose to live in Western North Carolina for the lifestyle, I re-entered the private sector as a designer.

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