I enjoy making things I can see. I enjoy, I value, craft. I went to Herron to become an illustrator, then I saw how good others were. I became a graphic designer. As a designer I kept asking why, getting involved in packaging projects, dealing with clients. I moved over to advertising. Became an art director, a creative director and then became a suit: carrying the bag. Met my wife. Managed a branch office. Wife and I had two kids; one girl, one boy. Yay! Went client side with a consumer products company, they moved me to Product Management. That evolved into sourcing overseas. Kids grew up. I learned to take long flights with equanimity, a book, a Tylenol PM and two drinks. Went to China (and back) a hundred times. Learned a lot about human nature, packaging and how tiny details can make large things go wrong. I like to jog. Like many things I'm not great at it, but I'm persistent with a positive attitude and determination. Basically shy, I love an audience.

Packaging, importing, making things in China, quality management, communicating by email with people for whom English is a second or tertiary language, building things, the sun on maple leaves, the sounds of my breathing as my feet pound down the street.

Patience. Illustrator.

"We make our choices and call them fate" said Benjamin Disraeli.

Public figure: Theodore Roosevelt. People I have known: My Dad, Albert Sanner; my friend, Richard Oberreich; my wife, Maureen.

Seeing what else is possible. Believing in people.

Hmmmm. What's my primary career? My backup is sales. We're all often, maybe always, selling. Selling that we know, selling that we're being truthful, selling that we can. I also sell stuff - design, concepts, budgets, etc.

Bad habits.

How to parallel park, sharpen a knife, start jogging or how a man can quickly pack a carry-on for a long trip.

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