D. "Denay" Davis, a Cottage Food Operator for 10 years, works tirelessly to help home food processors and home-based bakers sell their specialty products. It is amazing the number of products that can be produced in the home kitchen and Denay's mission is to help food crafters use their unique culinary and crafting talents to bring delicious, unique and amazing products to the world. A Food Entrepreneur Instructor at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), Denay also hosts monthly webinars, and educational videos on the Foodpreneur Institute YouTube Channel; engages with followers on the Foodpreneur Institute Facebook page, helping entrepreneurs fight the fear and develop a successful micro food business. Author of "How to Start a Home-based Bakery Business, Denay, owned a success pie shop (The Charlotte Pie Authority in Charlotte, NC) and now dedicates her time to teaching others how to take their products from kitchen to market.

the history of southern food, cooking, baking, food entrepreneurship and cottage food regulations.

locating writers with an expertise in micro and small business development for my blog.

Silence can never be misquoted.

I most admire my father, an entrepreneur for more than 40 years. He proved you can start a small business and live a productive life.

Empathy and kindness.

None...I believe in life work.

Vacationing in Hawaii

How to make an amazingly simple pie crust.

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