Alicia is a graphic designer from Honduras who loves anything branding, illustrated, letterpress, drawn, or written. She has four dogs, a cat, and an undying love for learning, art, history, food, and nature. She enjoys being part of events and creating spaces for people to connect, learn, and have a great time. Her hobbies include martial arts, binge watching TV series, reading, writing fan fiction, and searching for underground music no one has ever heard of. She tries to be everyone's Yes (wo)man while keeping a good grasp of reality. In her free time, she also organices the local DesignMeetup Tegus and Anime Nights movie club.

Useless trivia from TV series, movies, art history, and video games.

Overcoming being impressionable. Peoples' names.

Discipline is reliable. Motivation is fleeting. Life isn't about keeping yourself motivated, but training yourself to work without it.

Steadfast decision makers. Strategic geniuses. Eloquent speakers.

Bad memory.

Book publishing.

Still frames of movies and TV series. Animal faces.

Proper storage of plastic bags.