110% No matter what. Front End Web Developer • Visual & Interaction Enthusiast • Graphic Designer & Hand Letterer. I like wine, type, and carbohydrates.

Enrolling and taking a lot of classes. I love trying new things so I'm usually doing a random class or joining a workshop. Next on the list: Letterpress, Botanical Drawing, and Animation in After Effects. I also know a lot about face painting, balloon animals, and hanging out with kids.

Coding! I'm secretly a nerd. I like to know how things are built and work. I don't need to be a super genius, I just want to understand it. I also need to learn how to reinforce a hanging shelf. Seriously.

I had a mentor tell me to go quit my job and learn on my own terms. It was the scariest thing I have ever done. But I'm so glad I did it. Also, vitamin B pills and electrolytes will save me from a hangover.

My dad. He was an entrepreneur his whole life. He built his business from nothing. He was humble and believed in helping others and sharing his knowledge. He treated everyone the same regardless of their background and he believed in giving people second chances.

I can sing like a Disney princess.

Montessori teacher! Or a voice actor. I would love both!

How to draw tropical flowers.

How to twist a balloon into a monkey climbing a palm tree.

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