I'm an independent freelance graphic designer, dba 33 Image Design. I live in Olympia, Washington, at the tip of the Puget Sound, in the Pacific Northwest.

I come to graphic design as a practicing artist who primarily uses a camera to collect materials. With 10+ years of experience in graphic design and marketing, I bring a host of skills to the table.

Near and far, I work with highly motivated people to create their unique brand essence in print and on the web. They're business owners, artists, individuals, groups, and small companies. I love what I do and have a penchant for organizing two-dimensional materials. I have an ardent interest in color, form, function and efficiency, with a bent for resources. I have a BS in art with a minor in marketing.

I believe everyone is unique and has a special gift to share. I'm interested in supporting others in doing what they do best and empowering them on their journey.

Connecting people through design in print and on the web.


Define your audience and who you most want to work with so you'll recognize them when they show up.

Artists - their creativity!



Design follows content

Some of the basics of a 'marketing outfit'; logo, marketing messages, newsletter, website, supporting print material.

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