Former Product Designer @studyblue in SF. Currently a seminarian in Boston.

I know a lot user interface design and UX. Also rocks and dinosaurs and outer space (I'm basically a 12-year old). Theology. Also photography.

I need help with solid post-processing techniques for portraits. And I always need help getting better at design. Stay a beginner.

"Having guts always worked out for me." --Stefan Sagmeister

Galen Rowell, for never giving up and never settling.

I can catch most things that fall off the counter before they hit the ground. Reflex-Muggle: "Devon, why does toast always seem to land face-down when it falls?" Me: "I wouldn't know."

I would be a tea sourcer -- I would travel to growing regions and drink their tea, to see if it's good enough to import.

Scienc-y facts, especially about space. Back holes, quasars, relativity, all the fun stuff.

I would teach them how to hang two forks on a penny, on the rim of a glass!

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