It has taken me 30 years to arrive where I am today. I am grateful for every step of the way, and excited about every step ahead of me. I want to share my journey in a way that inspires others to embrace their own.

nothing. I can always learn more! Teach me!

Building my own confidence in speaking and effective communication techniques.

Live as if every single thing that you do is perfect and does not need to be apologized for or explained. Be confident in what you think, say, and do. Be confident in what you DON'T think, say, or do.

Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Wayne Dyer, Tai Lopez and anyone else who has made the decision to improve their lives and dedicating themselves to the arduous journey that it requires to do so.

Empathy. Being able to tune in to exactly where some is at the moment I am interacting with them, and allowing them to recognize it within their own self through my energy.

I don't need a backup career. This is my life. Living my truth and empowering others to do the same.

Everything in my life that is important to me to remember at this moment.

That all there is is this moment, and in order to enter it fully, all they have to do is take a deep breath and feel the present expanding and contracting around them.

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