David J. Butler [DavehasWingz] is a native of Charlotte, NC that has spent the last two year curating creative experiences in the area. A photographer and brand consultant by trade Dave* has spent the last five years creating unforgettable experiences for through branding, merchandise, media, and events with theFeatherbed. He now seeks to bridge creative gaps in his hometown and provided and opportunity for collaboration across the country.

Curating experiences including but not limited to galleries, instillations, concerts, showcases, and exhibitions. Additionally how those experiences should be documented and distributed for maximum impact for all parties involved.

Funding events that will enhance Charlotte's entertainment and underground arts culture.

You only fail when you quit.

My father - He isn't here anymore but he still finds a way to impact my life.

Bridging gaps.

I don't have one - All my eggs are in the basket of consulting and documenting experiences with photography and video.

How to use my DSLR.

The importance of stepping outside of your circle and seeking new opportunities and relationships from people who don't share the same cultural background as yourself.

Dave hasn't saved anything yet.