I'm part of the volunteer staff for CreativeMornings BAL, so when you see me there, say hello. I grew up in Ohio. Educated at Ohio University in Athens (Journalism). Began my career in Chicago. Moved to Baltimore in 1990 to work in Washington D.C. Then as a senior AE with a Baltimore public relations firm, where I launched new products for Black & Decker/DeWalt Tools. I transitioned to copywriting and wrote for two Baltimore advertising agencies. I'm now 10+ years at T. Rowe Price in the Brand + Creative group, our in-house creative agency, where I'm a creative director leading a team of copywriters. I'm a reader and a writer with a design point of view specializing in what-if and how-about. Headlines, taglines, product names, and event themes. Ledes, hooks, transitions, and calls-to-action. Alliteration and analogy. Simile and metaphor. Rhythm and rhyme. Problem-solution, feature-benefit, if-then statements, primary message and supporting copy points to offer a deep breath of reassurance to feelings of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

See above. Plus WWII in Europe and the Pacific, and how to save for retirement.

Wish people "good morning." Every day's a school day. Write something each day, even if it's just one line. Make a to-do list and follow it. Don't miss weddings and funerals.


Date of birth and the last four of my SS.

How to parallel park.

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