David Durovy, Founder and Director of The LoveMore Institute, a 501(C)3 Nonprofit There is no doubt in my mind that love is the basis and foundation of all that matters. It may be the glue that holds everything together, the fabric of the universe so to speak, and the way and the heart of both faith and science. A bold statement, perhaps. I also know that I know so very little. So who am I to embark on this endless journey? A fellow human being who wants more in this life, a traveling companion who has fallen in love with love. Why Love More? The simple answer is, it feels really good, and it works to help this world a better place to be. Perhaps due to the magical and mystical ways the culture has presented, written about, talked about love over the centuries, we may feel that the reality and power of love may be overlooked or at least under-appreciated in the real world. The complexities of love too often remain beyond our present consciousness to engage in or even imagine an unconditional love which cannot be denied, earned, or lost.

The world views we have lived in for millennia is based on a retributive rather than rehabilitative paradigm. This is seen in our homes through our parenting practices and in our criminal justice systems, all using punishment as the means to teach. Traditional cultural values do not include loving others, especially all others, even though our religious systems proclaim to value it highly.

We hope to bring a fresh look at the many dimensions of love and how it affects our bodies, minds, brains, chemistry, connections, relationships, and the world around us. In short, we hope to simplify love in an easily digestible format that will both inspire us and connect us to a larger world beyond that which we know or even imagine. We seek to explore ways to engage this ever-expanding presence of love that that has the power to be able to influence both the past and the future through a joyful experience of becoming more fully human, bringing meaning and purpose into all areas of our life.

Love your neighbor as yourself. Love your enemies and do good to those that hate you.

Rumi, Hafiz, and Jesus


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