The more I learn the more I realize how little I know. (I stole that from Albert Einstein who got it from Aristotle!)

Breathing! Well not really but isn't it funny that breathing happened naturally and also your can consciously effect it, speed it up or hold it ( as least for a while) It's exactly like our creative powers.

I went to see an magazine art director who had a reputation for being a 'hard ass' and as he was silently going though my work with a very serious expression, I tried to break the ice by saying "I hear your don't smile very often." He looked up from my book and said "Who say's that.. Bad photographers?" and he smiled. And I got to work with him. Point being, the best is: don't listen to what people tells you, ( especially gossip) listen to your inner voice and judge things for yourself.

There should never be a backup, there can be a change of career (by choice or necessity) but you should never think of it as a backups word that implies it's an inferior occupation. If you have to get a job in retail or waiting tables approach it with the same passion and drive as your would a major commission.

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