Professional storyteller since 1989. Former staff storyteller for the National Storytelling Association. Created the Jonesborough Storytellers Guild in 1994. Executive Producer of David Joe Miller Presents. Previous audiences include Disney, World Bank, Library of Congress, Smithsonian, Pfizer, Philips Medical, Southeastern Container, The Nature Conservancy and former Vice President, Al Gore. Created a story map for N.C. elementary school students that is still being used in many N.C. schools today. Artist in residence in N.C. schools from 1997-2005 teaching narrative writing skills to students and narrative presentation skills to teachers and administrators. Narrative Presentation Consultant to several Fortune 500 Corporations as well as many small businesses and non-profit organizations. Available for performance storytelling for adults and families, corporate settings and festivals. Available for narrative presentation consulting and narrative branding consulting, team building and story-centered management skills consulting for small businesses, non-profits and larger corporations as well.

Storytelling and narrative presentation. Producing spoken word events.

What other people think of me is none of my business.

Teachers, for the obvious reasons.

I just do.

Sales. Of anything.

My stories.

Stories make an impact. Stories gain our attention, keep us interested and are memorable. Teach with story.

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