Award-winning brand identity specialist, Fast Company blogger, Rebranding dude, Shark Tank fan, Coffee/chocolate lover, Typographic aficionado, creator of "What is Branding" video on YouTube with over 200K views. Daymond John said, "David Brier is brilliant with branding." Nice.

How to transform businesses. How to get heard in a world that's too busy to listen. How to differentiate in a world of copycats.

Never stop creating.

Those who refuse to conform to the ordinary. Includes Steve jobs, Martin Luther King, Richard Branson and Simon Synek.

Helping others succeed. Defying gravity.

Living fully.

Would you please rephrase the question?

How to see. How to tell true from false. How to differentiate the important from the trivial. All with the objective of being of value to others.

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