Typography lettering, Motion graphics, video editing Canon camera operating

Marketing myself as a freelancer, and getting a better grasp of the creative industry, since sometimes I'm not sure how I fit in.

Always get the deposit first.

Garethpon, I see a Different You, and Jefflovesphotography. These Guys have mastered the art of Self branding and doing what they love as a career.

extreme procrastination (I rarely use this power since it causes major devastation, to myself mainly)

Admin assistant, Commercials extra, Hand model,

The release order of every Marvel film since 2002.

minute 1: I'd draw a quick sketch of the task. Minute 2-5 I'd explain to them what the sketch means and what I want them to achieve

A cinemagraph of a man reading a newspaper in Central Park. He's the only one moving in the gif.

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