Pastor at The Church Within. Happily married to a great fella. Preaching love and compassion for all people, no one left out. Spiritual, not religious... but I love religion, too. #awkwardturtle I'm also a printmaker, creative goof, and recently dove into throwing pots at Fountain Square Clay Center. Prints, plants, pots, and beauty I find are recorded at

people, what motivates us, what gets in our way, and how we can get on the other side. I also know a lot about karate, but that's a different kind of skill... mostly.

self care. Someone. Make me do it!

Get out of your own way.

American Sign Language Interpreting, something I did for many years.

I always remember what everyone ordered when the food arrives at a restaurant. It's an old habit from years of waiting tables.

I would teach everyone the power of 5 minutes of simple, intentional breathing.