Tracy Hopkins, MSW Tracy is a story chaser, change agent, and an illuminator of greatness in humans. Throughout her career, her personal approach has been shaped by the fascination of human behavior, the extraordinary capacity of human connections, and the courageous journeys individuals embark upon to dig deep, lean in, and tap into their full potential. Tracy strives to create platforms and opportunities that invite people to share their stories as a way to cultivate a culture of truly investing in one another. Her passion leads her to assist people in identifying personal values in order to discover purpose and meaning, acknowledgement of authentic self, and become agents of change.

Tracy is the founder of Dare to Rise, a Change Consulting firm focused on engaging and empowering individuals and organizations to initiate transformation. She has worked within the field of private pay behavioral/mental health for the past 15 years and also serves as the Business Development Director for Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, a wilderness therapy program based in Utah. Her various lived experiences, coupled with the expansive roles held within the mental health industry, have served as catalysts for her hunger in becoming a story chaser. By chasing the story, Tracy believes people form an undeniable bond and a deeper desire to move through the world as a community.

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