Former reporter Charlotte Observer, book author, commercial fisherman, published poet, caterer specializing in Argentine and Cuban whole animal rotisserie - hog, cow, lamb and goat. Plus, oyster roasts & crab gumbos.

South American grilled meats & charcuterie.

Finding more of that eclectic niche market of adventuresome gourmands who will pay me dearly for a dish of my funk.

Food ain't got no memory - no matter how good a cook you think you are, you must learn to come to the stove each time as the first time. What is true in the kitchen, is true in life.

Book author/historian Shelby Foote. I was fortunate to work several projects with him in New Orleans and he was a world class artist or as the NYT described him "that hound dog eyed, silky voiced raconteur" but he never got lost in the celebrity mirror, he never lost his humanity or his inate kindness to strangers.

I can bend time, particularly in a kitchen. I can do whatever is required to get killer food out on time. In 23 years in a newsroom, i never broke a deadline on an assigned story - ask my editors.

I'm a published author and writer, who at age 48 reinvited myself as a professional cook - i recently catered a Carolina Bbq (7 hogs, hush puppies and Brunswick Stew) on the beach in Ventura, Ca. for 750 employees of Patagonia Inc. and for 3 weeks last February , I was the midnight-3 am barkeep at an illegal speakeasy in downtown Cairo, Egypt.

@ 23, working a stone crab boat with an all Panamanian crew when we beached on a sand bar near Cayman Brac. We were there for 5 days but except for the bugs, it wasn't scary; we snorkeled for lobster & yellowtail snapper during the day and cooked around a bonfire at night - plus we had 20 cases of Jamaican Red Stripe in our freezer hold.

How to clean and saute a live, softshell crab.

The bear that uses karate chops on the salmon fisherman.

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