I am most passionate about creating and evolving creative community, whether at the earliest levels of education or in connecting creative businesses to collaborators and consumers. How I have accomplished this so far and how I will apply it in the future has been an international adventure in design, education, management, community work, and volunteering.

I have been involved in design since 1995 starting first in the automotive industry as a paint pinstriper and custom painter. Moving to Denver in 2003 I started a career in industrial design working on themed design, multi-user environments, product, lighting, concepting, graphic design, branding, model making, and furniture. During these projects I had to work at every level of the design, from initial concept to engineering, final fabrication, and installation. Often these projects would require coordination of large teams with diverse backgrounds and skill-sets to accomplish a common goal.

Much of my career in design has been as an Entrepreneur and business owner and these experiences have trained me to be a good listener and communicator. To better serve the community and continue my education, I enjoy being involved with Meta-design initiatives and attending creative skill building seminars.

In the course of my design career I have fostered a passion for creative education and have worked overseas in education design and in practice as a teacher in the classroom. This period of living abroad has given me a unique insight into global design, flexibility, communication, and outside-of-the-box thinking. Seeing how other cultures and people deal with shared problems and unique ones help to shape how I approach new ideas and overcome obstacles.

Creative education, Environments that make memories, Industrial Design, Evolving education surrounding "Making" and STEM, International experiences.

Shoe tying and anything more difficult than that.

Do good and throw it in the sea.

Leonardo Da Vinci- Polymath, Curious about and observant of everything. Ben Franklin- Polymath, patriot, statesman, writer, creator of many products for the public benefit. Nikola Tesla- Polymath, designed and invented for the the benefit of people and not corporations or individual governments. Kind of a pattern developing....

Hand lettering and Pinstriping, world comfort cooking, wookie calls.

Electrician, Ice Hockey Coach, Zamboni Driver, Paint Pinstriper, Playground designer, Chef, English teacher....oh yeah, and goat herder.

Song lyrics

How to make grits....

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