What we cannot say clearly, we cannot bring to the world.

My job is to find the words for what your work is about and why it matters so you can succeed in the business of bringing it to the world.

I work with people like you who have things to say. I work with people who create with mastery. They lead in diverse fields including fashion, design, dance, art, photography, tech, and activism. And that work makes the world an interesting place to be.   My experience includes work as a content marketing writer and as the creator of art experiences. I was a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Bulgaria and hold a Master's in Literature and Creative Writing from Bucknell University.

Business models.

The last-minute panic before a deadline is like a shot of espresso. Save the shot for when you really need it or you'll become immune.

Igor Pitangui is a dancer and choreographer from Brazil. His spirit and his life and his dance are something I struggle to verbalize. Watching him, listening to him, is like waking up. https://www.youtube.com/user/IGORPITANGUIbh

Repeating back to you what you're trying to say so you can hear it for the first tiem. That, and chocolate chip cookies.

Culture Writer, Art Critic.

Literary trivia.

Basic step to East Coast Swing.


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