Dana presently serves as Director of Operations for Aqua-Africa Water Drilling Company, a Nebraska non-profit company. Through 2018, Aqua-Africa has drilled 25 water wells in South Sudan, including the construction of 3 water towers and associated water distribution systems. Nearly 21,000 people are being served clean, accessible water through the organization’s work.

Bradfield has 35 years supervisory/managerial experience gained at a Fortune 500 insurance and banking company headquartered in Omaha. He was raised in a rural farm community in southeast Iowa and is a graduate of Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa, Iowa.

In his early career, Dana was involved in all aspects of Information Technology, from programming to systems analysis and design, and project management. Dana was responsible for development of claims paying systems software and support, and the automation of insurance claims adjudication; experiences that furthered his understanding of insurance coverage’s, plan design, the medical profession, billing practices, and medical taxonomy.

In 2001, Dana led his company’s project to comply with Federal HIPAA Privacy, Security and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards. For the next 10 years, he managed the company’s Privacy Office.

A member of Citylight Church and the Multitudes Connection Group, Dana serves on the planning team that organizes the annual city-wide Greater Omaha Leadership Prayer Breakfast.

A member of Kiwanis International and CenterSphere, Dana is active in the Abide/Bridge Church adopt-a-block progam, as well as the Omaha Empowerment Network's efforts to eliminate gun violence in the city.


The Aqua-Run 10K relay race in Elmwood Park every year.

There are only 2 things you need in order to be successful: the right people and the right plan.

People who have clear purpose, are passionate about it, and are content in who they are. Because I said so.

An incredibly supportive wife and life companion - yes, it's the same person


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There is no "war of ideas" only the amazing opportunity to improve them through engagement of others who are not like me and who think differently

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