I am a versatile and very creative person. I am the creative director of my outerwear clothing brand, named Studio Dallo. I studied fashion design in Milano, at Istituto Marangoni, I took a course of fashion management at the University in Antwerp, and other additional classes of branding, pattern making and professional make-up. At the moment I am located in Bucharest but I work as a freelancer too, I travel the world, so feel free to contact me. With the years I developed many skills in the creative industry which allow me to work in various areas such as fashion design, makeup, trend forecasting, concept implementation.

Fashion design in general, from developing a concept (trends forecasting, aesthetics, silhouettes, fabric understanding and research) to its implementation, in terms of sketching, technical charts and sometimes pattern making and cutting.

Building my group of creative people worldwide, in order to share ideas, experiences, and develop greater projects in the creative industries.

Better live one intense hour than a boring life.

One of my best friends, for being an authentic, successful womenswear designer despite the low possibilities her country offered her.

It's a tricky question! Shouldn't be a secret? :)

Making people believe in themselves! I would not become an influencer but an inspiration. I don't want people to aspire at becoming like me, I want them to get inspired and wish to become more like them.

My birthday :)) and all beautiful, emotional moments of my life.

How to draw faces in Instagram stories ;)

The falling and raising burrito, but I don't have a link to it :(

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