Dalia Antonia Caraballo Muller is a bilingual, multi-cultural, multi-racial researcher and educator. Her twin passions are the study of the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the study of transformative learning models in higher education. The through line that connects her historical work and her work in education is the concept of “impossibility.” She researches Black intellectuals in early 20th century Cuba who thought at the limits of the possible as they staked claims to rights, dignity and equality. In the classroom, Dr. Caraballo Muller invites her students to stretch their minds and think at the limits of the possible in order to dream up new futures for our ailing world and planet. While she is committed to opening minds and opportunities for all her students equally, supporting black and brown student success is core to her personal and professional mission.

History, Martial Arts, Education.

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Quitters never win and winners never quit (King's boxing gym).

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