I am an artist and dreamer. That displays itself mostly through photography, but I also paint dancers, write poetry and read adventure stories to my littlest brother :)

I wouldn't say I know a lot about anything in particular. While valuable, studying one thing for too long disinterests me. I'd rather know a little about a lot of different things. I've dabbled in all things art and I like to study people. and cars. and archery. and bourbon. :)

Lighting. The photography kind. Off camera flash, soft boxes, strobes, reflectors. I've worked almost exclusively with natural lighting since I started and would love some help with the extras.

Just be yourself.

My husband for his drive to lead and continue to build new things (He owns BREW Coffee Bar). My dad for his selflessness, generosity and willingness to serve. My brother Brendan for his ability to be himself in any setting, surrounded by any group of people. My brother Daniel for his charm and ability to be liked by every person he comes in contact with.


Bartending, preferably in a totally legit hidden speakeasy. That or the photographer that jumps out of the plane with all the new skydivers to capture their first experience.

The moment I met my three little brothers for the first time. Gravity shifted and I was instantly a different person.

How to drive a stick shift. or how to make the perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies.

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