I am an artist and dreamer. That displays itself mostly through photography, but I also paint dancers, write poetry and explore the world at every opportunity.

I wouldn't say I know a lot about anything in particular. While valuable, studying one thing for too long disinterests me. I'd rather know a little about a lot of different things. I've dabbled in all things art and I like to study people. and cars. and archery. and bourbon. :)

Lighting. The photography kind. Off camera flash, soft boxes, strobes, reflectors. I've worked almost exclusively with natural lighting since I started and would love some help with the extras.

Just be yourself.

My dad for his selflessness, generosity and willingness to serve.


Owning a wedding venue

The moment I met my three little brothers for the first time. Gravity shifted and I was instantly a different person.

How to drive a stick shift.

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