I provide full service art exhibition management/production services for artists/creatives.

My services are for those seeking assistance with the operations and logistics associated with producing art shows/exhibitions. This includes but not limited to: - Art direction - Curation - Venue scouting and solidification - Budget management - Vendor and Art Installation management - Marketing and press acquisition

For detail into my work please visit: culture-complex.com

Executing on visions. I'm a producer, I love to assist artists and creatives in executing on their plans and providing platforms for their work.

Finding the right opportunities and people to collaborate with. I'm looking for opps to produce exhibits via private viewings, workspace art curations and public art installs.

Just start. Don't overwhelm yourself with all the steps that need to be taken to accomplish a goal, just start with the first step, mark that off your list and go to the next thing.

I really admire the people that keep me motivated day to day. This includes my group of girlfriends who are entrepreneurs and continually amaze me with their drive and their go-getter mentality. I'm also inspired by my partner who is a creative and constantly brainstorming and coming up with executable visions. These are the people that keep me inspired and push me forward.

I get things done, I take time to plan appropriately but I make sure that we set a timeline and meet our end goal.

My training is in Engineering and I currently work at an Advertising firm in the technology production department. I'm responsible for producing activations/installations for our clients as it relates to new technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, content management.

How inspired I was when working for a gallery at VOLTA NY, seeing the work of Zoe Buckman at the For Freedoms exhibit, my recent trip to the Beach, my last trip to Nicaragua, the kiss I gave my partner when I left for work this morning.

When you're having a moment of anxiety, clasp your hands together, place them over your heart, close your eyes and breath. It helps tremendously.

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