Christa Glennie Seychew is the founder of Nickel City Chef and the former senior editor of Buffalo Spree. She currently works as a consultant for restaurant owners as well as organizations looking to work with people in the restaurant industry.

Publishing; food and beverage; restaurant industry; people.

Meeting new people.

Everyone has great, epiphanic ideas all the time, the skill is having the knowledge to know which ones to throw out and which ones your specific and unique set of abilities and connections can make happen.

Single moms everywhere. Diane Ackerman, a poetic scientist who has found a way to successfully use both sides of her brain in her everyday work.

Since I currently do about six different things, I think all and none of my careers are back ups.

Pre-40, I'd say everything, post-40, I'd say nothing.

Why human beings taste things differently and therefore have different taste preferences.

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