Helping people to relax by connecting creative activities to mindfulness for more balance in their lives with my startup Unwindle.
I'm a 30-year old banker turned creative entrepreneur, living in Rotterdam with my fiance Roel - feeling in complete balance with myself and the world around me. I've let go of perfectionism, fear of failure and all the pressure by comparison many millennials feel.

I've transformed from a workaholic and career chaser to a mindful creative person, in which doing something creative as a way to relax played a big role. Now it's my mission to create a world where everybody has a creative outlet to relax, enjoy and get lost in the moment. Me-time and clearing your mind is so important nowadays. I've found a balance in doing what I love and am committed to working fully on this mission!

Fun facts: - I built one of the biggest Harry Potter websites in the Netherlands when I was 11 - I set up my first business with my twin sister when I was 20, which was a jewelry label - we worked a lot together with stylists and TV stars - I have a Master in Science in Business IT and have worked for a large bank for 5 years in IT, Business and Innovation - Last year I followed my heart and started a creative business, in which I do what I found my passion in: watercolor painting (without any art background!)

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