I work with executive teams to link vision and creativity, which includes product ideation, service development, channel alignment, and more.

I've studied and implemented models for innovation, design, problem-solving, and process improvement. I've trained, coached, and facilitated lean, six sigma, brainstorming, ideation, as well as created & curated conferences, workshops and peer user groups.

I'm always looking for expert implementers - people who love what they do and are looking for bigger challenges to apply their skills.

Be faithful in the little things.

David Kelley. When I was leading large corporate deployments of Lean Six Sigma - I read Tom Kelley's (David's brother) first book on innovation and began to follow IDEO. David (and IDEO) was so influential that I introduced Design Thinking into our curriculum and grew a deep admiration for David's empathy and humility.

Disarming snarkiness.

Understudy for Bono.

Faces and places.

The benefit of connecting passion and purpose.

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