Brand Creator @mainandrose | Lover of all things beautiful ✨

I went from being an Account Coordinator to Account Manager to Account Director to Digital Director to Director of Sales & Marketing... and eventually VP of Operations (soon, fingers crossed) at one branding agency. Ask me anything about the branding, marketing and go-to-market strategies for big and boutique brands. I'm the master of finding a need and filling it with proactivity and research.

Not trying to do everything myself!

To get out of my New England bubble and go live somewhere else. Since, I quit my job in Ad Tech and lived in LA and Charlotte, found my dream job and my fiancé!

I most admire my parents for supporting me through every single thing I've done and putting their lives on the back-burner to make sure I have an incredible one.

Finding the "needs" in companies and creating a company culture worth sticking around in.

Not much of a backup, but it'll be starting my own agency.

Sales goals.

How to be proactive and productive in your job. I'm good at mentoring youngsters, and I'm guessing I can give some pretty good nuggets in 5 minutes!

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