I'm a multimedia artist, energy worker and facilitator based in Ottawa, Canada. I approach the creation process as a ritual for self-soothing and focus on the emotional work being done as I create. Whether I am creating for myself or others, a strong intention for wellness in the creation process is always in the forefront and a very important aspect of my work. I believe that in order to represent ourselves visually, we need to be conscious of our inner world too.

I’m highly influenced by exploring the inner self through energy work, meditation and movement such as dance and yoga. I use these practices as a way to build trust within my physical and emotional body. This allows me to connect creative expression to wellbeing and empowers me to break down personal barriers linked to my creative abilities. I have formal trainings in Graphic Design, Reiki, Hatha Yoga and Sound Healing.

My personal practice also drives me to create in hopes of encouraging others to find safety within their own self expression. I believe everyone is creative and can benefit from the process of creation. I love to collaborate on a variety of interdisciplinary projects. You can often find me creating with the Music.Art.Ppl Collective that I co-founded, bringing live painting to various events and cultural festivals in the city of Ottawa, Montreal and beyond!

Being a channel for creativity, nurturing the creative mind :)

Staying Hydrated, Public Speaking, Expanding my network!

Take time to sit with yourself and FEEL your feelings

I admire a lot of people so I'll keep this general and say I admire my creative community. They're kind, innovative and encouraging to each other. I'm so grateful for their on-going support


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How to optimize your breathing!

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